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Make your visit to Great Britain as truly of a pleasurable experience as it can possibly be. There are so many great things to do in London today, and at Robinson Chauffeur Services of London, we will make sure that you explore this marvelous city in the most enjoyable way. 

At Robinson Chauffeur Services of London, we offer you the ultimate best way to explore our nation’s most exciting towns and cities. Enjoy one of our full day London tours with our bespoke tours that are tailored to your preference. Sit back and relax, while enjoying our luxurious London tours in a prestigious chauffeur-driven car, while doing a great number of activities in London. 

Stop off historical sites, London landmarks, visit the Buckingham Palace, drive to castles in England, and get to truly explore Downton Abbey and the famous Cotswolds villages. We will make sure to take you to the best museums in London, London galleries, and the best exhibitions in London. 

Stop off on shopping trips at Oxford Street and Bond Street London, or visit the best theatre shows in London. The list goes on, and what you wish to do and experience is completely up to our customers. Enjoy your sightseeing with the peace of mind that your chauffeur will remain at your request at all times. Get in touch with us to arrange your visit. You’ll be surprised at our affordable rates.

Visit some of the most famous London landmarks, such as the London Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, the houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and the famous London Eye amongst many more. Our full day London tours will cover all the best landmarks at your leisure, allowing you to soak in the sights in one full memorable day. This luxury tour will also afford you the opportunity to stop off and explore sights while we wait. This way, you are guaranteed to not miss out on absolutely anything at all. 

Whether it is to entertain visiting business guests or during a family holiday, a full day of our London tours in this great city will always leave you with something to remember forever.

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Activities in London

There are numerous activities and especially memorable things to do in London today. At Robinson Chauffeur Services of London, you are able to enjoy a full day chauffeur driven London tour, which makes sure to give you the best experience in London possible. 

Take part in the best London history tours and get to see the most remarkable London landmarks. Visit Buckingham Palace and enjoy the best Buckingham Palace Tour, tailored by us here at Robinson Chauffeur Services of London, to specifically to match your unique preferences. 

Visit and explore castles in England. Enjoy British museum tours at the best museums in London, and check out the best exhibitions in London at impeccable London galleries. Mix the dazzling lights of London with a truly luxurious shopping tour. Visit Oxford Street, Bond Street London and the world famous Harrods with a choice of some of the most highly rated Harrods restaurants. Get to be dropped off at the best theatre shows in London, such as at the National Theatre in London. 

Below we have compiled a list of activities in London, with details for each activity, that will ensure that you get the most out of your experience.


London History Tours

Come and explore the most ancient of Britain’s old relics and discover the history behind our great island. When you book one of our London tours here at Robinson Chauffeur Services of London, our plan is to take you to the best historical locations, allowing you to view magnificent landmarks up close. 

Visit Stonehenge with our Stonehenge tour from London, put together precisely for you. Get to do Hadrian’s wall walk and walk Hadrian’s wall path. Through our grand London tours, you can also get to be exposed to a direct trip to the world’s famous Shakespeare’s Globe for a truly unique English experience. 

Walk through the Whitechapel district of London and experience a Jack the Ripper tour. You can even stop by the Jack the Ripper Museum on the way there, on or on the way to your next exciting London tours destination with is here at Robinson Chauffeur Services of London. Visit the Kensington Palace and walk through the famous Kensington Palace gardens, while we take care of Kensington Palace tickets for you. 

At Robinson Chauffeur Services of London, we offer you exclusive private London tours, such as the private tour of London’s historic pubs. Get to stop off at the best of these historic pubs, including the Ye Olde Mitre at Holborn that was established 1546, the Old Bell Tavern that established 1670, the Lamb and Flag in Covent Garden that was established 1772 and the Mayflower at Rotherhithe that established 1550 amongst many more.

Our London history tours are tailored to your preferences, with Robinson Chauffeur Services of London as your guides for the ultimate best recommendations. Make your time in the United Kingdom a special one and let RCS offer you a personalized itinerary that will give you a view of our country that you will surely never forget.

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Buckingham Palace Tour: Visit Buckingham Palace

Will Her Majesty the Queen be home when you visit? See some of London’s famous grand royal palaces, royal parks and gorgeous memorials. Buckingham Palace is the main home of royal London, and the official home of the Queen. 

The Buckingham Palace has since 1837 been the official London residence of Britain’s monarchy, with Queen Victoria being the first monarch to ever live there, in 1837. Today, Buckingham Palace is actually also an office, in addition to being at the royal residence. The Buckingham Palace today, is used for multiple daily administrative work undergone by the British monarchy. Buckingham Palace is where Her Majesty meets and receives all of her guests that are invited to the palace.

Visit Buckingham palace through our London tours here at Robinson Chauffeur Services of London. One of the most exciting parts of visiting Buckingham Palace is the special exhibition. Every year one of the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace hosts a special exhibition. Previous exhibitions have included the Queen’s wedding dress, the Queen’s evening gowns, and jewels, and even a room fully prepared for an official Royal banquet.

The Buckingham Palace tour will also include a timed visit to see the changing of the royal guard and visits through some of London’s beautiful gardens and royal parks.  Visit Buckingham Palace and get to stop off at one of London’s luxurious hotels for an afternoon tea, while an RCS chauffeur awaits, to take you to your next invigorating and exceptionally memorable destination.


Best Museums in London: British Museum Tours

Enjoy the wealth of Britain’s historical portraits and artifacts with a tour of our splendid London galleries and the best museums in London. Some of the best museums in London include the British Museum of London, the Natural History Museum of London, the Victoria and Albert Museum of London, the Science Museum of London, and the Royal Museums in Greenwich

The British Museum of London is one of the most famous and best museums in London. It was the first ever national public museum in the world and was founded in 1753. In the British Museum tours, you will hear that the British Museum started off by granting free admission to all studious and curious persons,” as their statement specifically claimed. Today, the visitors of the British Museum of London have grown to 6 million, from a number of 5,000 visitors a year during the eighteenth century.

The British Museum offers world-class facilities for all visitors and researchers who are taking conservation, collection management, and scientific research to a whole new level of excellence.

Britain hosts some of the worlds most fascinating museums and mesmerizing art galleries. From The British Museum to the Tate Modern, spoken about in more detail in our next section, our chauffeured tours will give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your time at each venue and will be there to drop you back at the end of each day. Book your British Museum tour with us here at Robinson Chauffeur Services of London, and get to enjoy some of the very best museums in London today.

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London Galleries: Best Exhibitions of London

Book one of our London tours here at Robinson Chauffeur Services of London, and get to visit magnificent London galleries, along with the best exhibitions London has to offer. 

Get to explore the Tate gallery and see some of the best Tate Modern exhibitions at the Tate museum. Check out the Tate shop, and gift yourself or your loved ones with someone of the most beautiful exhibition prints that you will not be able to find anywhere else, or get a bite at the restaurant at the Tate Modern.

The best part about our London tours is that you have the ability to stop at multiple of the best exhibitions London has to offer you; even better, you have the freedom to stop at each location for as long as you desire. Get to stop off at the Diane Arbus: ‘In the Beginning’ exhibition, at the Hayward Gallery, the at Hito Steyerl: ‘Power Plants’ exhibition at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, or the Cindy Sherman exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, all in one day if you choose to! 

Get to see multiple of the best London galleries and the best exhibitions London presents you with. Just book one of our London tours, and leave the rest to us and your personal designated chauffeur.  

The arts are greatly loved and appreciated in London, and London is home to some of the greatest galleries and best exhibitions that the world has to offer. This especially makes London gallery and exhibition visits one of the best things to do in London today.


Luxury London Tours

Mix the dazzling lights of London with a truly luxurious shopping tour. At Robinson Chauffeur Services of London, we offer you an especially enjoyable London shopping tour. Stop off at Oxford street shops and visit Bond Street London and the world famous Harrods and get to eat at one of the many highly rated Harrods restaurants.

The very famous Bond Street London is revered throughout the world for its wealth of elegant stores, exclusive brands, designer fashion, luxury goods, fine jewels, art, and antiques. Set in the heart of Mayfair, in London’s popular West End and encompassed by many of the world’s most outstanding hotels and restaurants, Bond Street London is a landmark for all things sophisticated.

Robinson Chauffeur Services of London will take you chauffeur driven in style to the heart of London’s retail therapy. You can avoid waiting around for taxis or public transportation after each of your stop, and instead sit back and relax, knowing that your designated chauffeur will be at your service at all times.  

Our chauffeurs at  Robinson Chauffeur Services of London will also be able to advise you on various shopping locations in the capital, such as the ‘eclectic’ Camden Town and the most popular Oxford Street shops. We will always be there for you, to stop off for lunch and evening meals, whenever it is that you desire to do so.


Castles in England

By booking your London tour with us here at Robinson Chauffeur Services of London, you can also get to visit some of the most beautiful castles in England. There are a great number of remarkable castles in England, as castles are a huge part of British history. Some of the best castles in England include Warwick Castle, the tower of London, Bodiam Castle, Windsor Castle, St. Michael’s Mount, Stokesay Castle, and the famous Skipton Castle, amongst many others.

From Downton Abbey to the beautiful English Cotswolds, take one of our bespoke London tours tailored to your preference.

Visit the Cotswolds villages and experience stunning countryside sights just perfect at any time of year. Miles of rolling hills, pretty villages with traditional stone architecture and gentle rivers are a winning combination which blends together to make the Cotswolds villages the highlight of the British countryside. Want to spend the night in this beautiful town? Your designated chauffeur at Robinson Chauffeur Services of London can take care of booking you for some of the best Cotswolds hotels, so you do not have to worry about missing out on the absolute best.

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