The Best Michelin Star Restaurants in London


When it comes to impressing clients, meeting new business connections, or simply exploring one facet of a city’s culture, visiting a renowned restaurant is a great choice. In the culinary world, the Michelin star represents prestige and excellency. If you ever see a restaurant with a Michelin star rating, it means you are dining at one of the world’s most elegant and luxurious establishments.


In London, 70 restaurants in London boast Michelin stars; three have earned three Michelin stars and 10 have earned two stars. It’s the combination of the reviewer’s taste and professional food critic’s acknowledgment that grants each restaurant this lucrative and venerated recognition. 


If you are not familiar with the London area, it may prove difficult to choose between these 70 great places. But with our expertise in a luxury travel experience in all regards, RCS of London knows all the best Michelin restaurants. In fact, our chauffeurs have transported many guests and tourists to these fine dining establishments. 


If you are curious about these establishments, here’s our list of London‘s most excellent Michelin star-rated restaurants.


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Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester

Source: Alain Ducasse

This three-star Michelin restaurant exudes modernity and refinement, with top-tier chefs using quality produce from British and French suppliers. Each new season inspires a new dining menu with French fare and creative ideas, currently a selection with wild boar, mushrooms, and other earthy favorites as a base palette.


Their wine collection is meticulously curated to reflect the provincial refinement of French vineyard, with 86% of their wine originated from France. The other 10% originates from other parts of Europe, and the remaining 4% from other parts of the world. 


Their tasting menu is £140, but you can try the three-course lunch at a starting price of £65. If you want something unique, the £240 black truffle menu is a great start.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Chelsea

Source: Restaurant Gordon Ramsay


If you ever watch the Cooking Channel, then you have probably heard of Chef Gordon Ramsay. He’s a famous chef known for his fiery temper, excellent culinary skills, and creativity. 


He owns the eponymously named restaurant in Chelsea, located in South West London. His restaurant has earned three Michelin stars and has been serving guests for over 20 years. 


The restaurant is known for providing the red carpet fine dining experience with an intimate ambiance, reflective of his 21 years of culinary achievements. The menu offers a range of flavours that spans multiple cuisines, like shiso, black garlic, Jerusalem artichoke, and marigold.


His restaurant in Chelsea has an inspiration table, which is a hub for creativity and exciting dishes to bring the customer’s taste buds to life. This part of the restaurant seats a maximum of four guests. Lunch starts at 1:30 PM and dinner commences at 8:30 PM from Tuesday to Saturday. 


The famous chef also offers a lifetime cooking experience, which gives the customer a chance to go behind the scenes of the restaurant to create exquisite dishes. This gives diners a chance to learn about the stories and techniques behind each course.


The dining experience often runs between £185 for the seasonal inspiration menu and £65 for a three-course lunch.


La Dame de Pic, Tower Hill

Source: La Dame de Pic

This French establishment is located in the Four Seasons Hotel, overlooking the Tower Bridge. 


Combining an excellent view with innovative French cooking methods, Le Dame de Pic is a classic, high-concept treat with two Michelin stars. It’s owned by Chef Anne-Sophie Pic, who offers a fresh take on bespoke French cuisine – an art that’s been perfected in her family for generations. 


The restaurant’s dining room offers a contemporary ambiance and an intimate private dining room that can sit up to 12 guests for a small gathering or party. The menu offers both surf and turf, currently including caviar, scallops, and Wagyu beef with smoky accents of Mezcal, chutney, and roasted nuts. The dessert menu offers traditionally prepared delights like Mille Feuille with a fresh visual aesthetic.


You can enjoy a two-course meal from Monday to Friday for £32.


Lecture Room & Library, Sketch, Mayfair

Source: sketch London


This two-star Michelin restaurant offers an upbeat experience in the Mayfair neighbourhood. This fun, upscale restaurant has over four spaces with a dining concept that combines French and European fine dining with boldly designed interiors. They offer comfort food, tasting menus, and even afternoon tea.


The Lecture Room and Library offers an exclusive and sophisticated dining experience along with an à la carte menu design by French master chef Pierre Gagnaire. 


The restaurant also has a gallery that features a variety of paintings showcasing curated art. Their menu features less common proteins, like game, lamb, and pollock, prepared with French techniques.


One highlight at this sophisticated French restaurant is the seven-course meal for a starting price of £120.


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Dinner by Heston, Knightsbridge

Source: Dinner by Heston


This restaurant by Heston Blumenthal offers an elevated take on traditional British gastronomy. Their dishes include a frog’s legs porridge, tea-cured salmon, and roast quail, all inspired by British basics with a gourmet twist.


The dining room has a floor-to-ceiling glass wall that gives the customer an excellent view of the kitchen and the creative pulley system for a sense of historical nostalgia. The pulley rotates over an open fire, which is a similar system used by the royal court. 


The walls are decorated with custom-made porcelain scones in the shape of jelly molds along with a fantastic view of Hyde Park for a picturesque culinary experience.


Their dinner can run over £100, and the three-course meal at lunch is around £45 on weekdays.

Claude Bosi at Bibendum, South Kensington


Source: Claude Bosi at Bibendum


This two-star Michelin restaurant is located within the Michelin house. Customers come in for coffee, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Bibendum is also home to an oyster and cocktail bar. With high windows, stained-glass, and cozy decor, this restaurant provides a homey feel.


Chefs at Bibendum prepare fresh, seasonal ingredients with a frequently updated wine list to inspire guests. The menu features simple, often nostalgic dishes with refined preparation, which currently includes Cornish cod, Basque pork, and an ice cream trolley.


Customers enjoyed the opulent dining experience along with the seven-course tasting menu in the evening, averaging around £110, and the three-course meal for lunch is around £40. 


Core by Clare Smyth, Notting Hill

Source: Core by Clare Smyth


The main chef and owner, Claire Smyth, left Gordon Ramsay‘s restaurant to create a masterpiece of her own. Cora was first established in August 2017 and has received numerous awards and recognition. It’s also listed in the best restaurant at the GQ Food and Drink award. In the first year of opening, her restaurant received two Michelin stars. 


This restaurant celebrates the freshest British ingredients with a relaxing and exceptional dining experience located in the heart of Notting Hill. It emphasizes high-quality, natural, and sustainable food sources from the UK, grown from the most dedicated and passionate farmers and food producers.


They handcraft mouthwatering and delicious artisanal food. One of their specialties is seafood, and their menu currently includes roasted monkfish, potato and roe, and scallop tartare. A tasting menu with British produce averages around £115. 


Hélène Darroze at The Connaught, Mayfair

Source: Hélène Darroze at The Connaught


This fantastic two-star Michelin restaurant offers a personally tailored menu and exquisite dining room experience. They offer a unique selection of meats and fish, including piglet, grouse, eel, and mackerel. The fall and winter menu features these delights punctuated with citrusy and nutty flavours.


The restaurant has an intimate dining ambiance with deep, velvety leather seating and blue shades. This gives off a warm and approachable vibe. The glass-blown chandelier and wooden tabletop reflect contemporary style and a breath of elegance. Practically everything in the establishment is custom-made. 


This phenomenal restaurant offers a £175 inspirational menu with a three-course lunch and two glasses of exquisite wine at an affordable price of £55. There’s also an innovative menu where you can choose your meal using marbles and a small board. 


How are Michelin stars awarded?

Anonymous Michelin inspectors who are passionate about food help determine which restaurants get stars. The process focuses solely on the food, but there is still much ambiguity surrounding the process. 


Restaurant can receive one to three Michelin stars. A one star restaurant is considered exceptional in terms of culinary quality. It has a thoughtful menu and skillfully prepared dishes, but may lack an innovative element in comparison to restaurants with two or three stars. 


Two-star Michelin restaurant have excellently prepared cuisine with an exceptional experience that brings travellers back for more.


A three star restaurant has phenomenal cuisine that is worth a special trip to visit. These restaurants are not stops along the way to a destination, but a destination in and of itself. The restaurant is known for serving distinct dishes that are executed to perfection. Because of its breathtaking experience, people are often willing to travel far from home to taste these culinary delights.


How to Get to the Best Michelin Star Restaurants in London

If you are travelling to London or have visiting clients or guests from another country, our skilled drivers at RCS of London know all the best Michelin star-rated places. If you need recommendations, we can take you there with prestige and style.


Final Note

Don’t just settle for anything less than stunning. You deserve to visit the best Michelin star restaurants in London. With RCS of London, our drivers will set the tone for your restaurant visit and help you arrive in style. Equipped with local insight, expedient and careful driving, and friendly drivers, RCS of London will help provide nothing less than a bespoke experience.


Check out London’s best Michelin star restaurants of your choosing with RCS of London today.


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