Personal Security Driver: What to Expect

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When it comes to asset protection, there’s no room to cut corners. Whether needed for a special event or for immediate protection, a protection service agency is the right choice. With the help of a security driver, one can easily manage their personal security as well as manage the transportation of their asset from Point A to Point B. 

Security is crucial, especially when it comes to transit. In order to safeguard one’s assets, it’s important to hire the best possible security solution. That’s why RCS of London offers enhanced close protection chauffeurs, who will help you stay safe and discreet. 

What to Expect with Protection Services

Protection services are adept at ensuring that any asset, executive or otherwise is thoroughly secured. Protection services are able to understand your needs, assess them and provide the required solutions – they’re there with you every step of the way in order to ensure your safety and security.

What is a Security Driver?

There are many risks associated with ground transportation. Most of the attacks on people happen during commuting from one place to another. In such events, it’s almost impossible to get help without it being too late. This is where a security driver comes in. 

A security driver is trained to protect the personnel as well as ensure that they are safely driven from point A to point B. This can be locally, nationally or internationally. 

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  What Does an Executive Security Driver Do? 

A security driver ensures that there is maximum safety for the asset. In order to do so, trained security drivers go above and beyond in order to maximize the productivity and the safety of their clients. 

Apart from personal security, a security driver is also capable of handling operational risks, medical emergencies and is capable of providing a comfortable transit experience for the asset.

  Reasons You Might Want an Executive Security Driver

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Security drivers offer far more than superior vehicle manipulation, notably in unacquainted with locations far away from home.

For example, properly-trained security drivers generally interact in pre-mission designing that helps them avoid risk from the get-go and in the first place. Additionally, they will have access to in-progress oversight and threat watching tools that enable them to keep up situational awareness, even when they’re driving. Those with medical coaching could also be ready to give care to travelers experiencing emergency symptoms on the road.

Beyond that, the method security drivers will support their executives’ time and productivity on the road ought to be a part of the organization’s broader asset protection program. For prime executives, time is highly valuable – and that’s still true within the vehicle. Due to the work of a security driver, there is a readiness to avoid riotous circumstances. There are seemingly fewer distractions or interruptions in transit that would derail productivity or lead to pricey itinerary changes.

Security drivers are also good for situations where you need peace of mind. With a well-trained security driver, you’ll be able to relax, knowing they will eradicate any unwanted obstacles in your way to the destination. 

  Other Protective Services

Technical Security Service

A technical security service is one of the most common forms of service. In this, a protection agency will equip your home/office with monitors as well as sensors that will run 24/7 in order to provide the utmost levels of security. Through this monitoring system, you can also access the footage later in the events of a crime and submit the footage as evidence.

Personal Protection

If an individual’s life is threatened, a protection service can employ trained professionals to accompany them in public and provide them with the necessary security.

So what are the various security services that you can access?

Mobile Patrol Security Service

If you’ve got large premises or multiple locations that you need to shield, you’ll be able to rent mobile patrol security. These are security guards that patrol your area on foot or in a secured vehicle. GPS Security uses advanced technology that enables the consumer to conduct real-time trailing of the patrol unit.

These are simply the essential security services you’ll be able to access. A protection service, regardless of your want, will be willing to supply you coverage. They will come back up with security set up that matches your scenario and supply tight security.

  Residential Protection & Security

Residential security, additionally known as estate protection or estate security, safeguards folks and their properties from invasions of privacy, home invasions, and different disturbances.

Residential security depends on various physical protection measures that consider a mix of technology, personnel, and procedures.

The threats and vulnerabilities facing a particular family or individual and properties are protected by residential security services.

The family’s or individual’s modus vivendi and preferences, however, they use their homes, and the way they’d wish to move with the technological, personnel and procedural aspects of the protection program.

Once a protective service perceives the protecting context we alter solutions that are:

  • Capable and long-lasting, as they’re supporting a comprehensive read of the client’s security desires and preferences.
  • Scalable, as they’re designed around protecting layers that will be changed and reinforced because the client’s protective desires evolve.
  • Residential security services
  • Initial and in progress risk, threat and vulnerability analyses, developed by our consultants and increased by our intelligence analysis groups as required
  • End-to-end project management and in progress, proactive program maintenance and improvement
  • Complete residential security agent programs together with achievement, training, commonplace in operation procedures and management
  • Tech installation and maintenance
  • Vendor relations and management
  • Background checks for all estate workers (including work, nannies, gardeners, etc.)


A protection service agency is capable of providing a wide range of security solutions for all your needs, whether it’s personal protection, residential protection or if you need a security driver. Hiring a protection service to meet your security needs ensures that you are working with experienced professionals who know the ins and outs of security and protective measures.
No matter how unexpected the risk, RCS of London has drivers with security training who can handle anything. This includes evasive driving and emergency incident response. Contact us today to find out more.

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