How to Plan a Trip for London: Itinerary Tips and Tricks

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London remains a top travel destination for business clientele and vacationers alike. When you’re on holiday or visiting international clients in London, it’s important to plan ahead and do your research about what to expect. Having a thorough itinerary will allow you to get more done and enjoy your visit. 

At RCS of London, we help make travelling easier by providing a bespoke chauffeur service in London and the surrounding area. Here’s our guide to planning a trip to London.

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Going At The Right Time of The Year

London is an enjoyable city at any time of the year, but it’s still advisable to plan the right time to visit. The British summer starts from June to August, but it can also get pretty warm and sunny in May and September. 

If you want to spend more time in the outdoors, then it’s recommended to visit London from late May to early September. If you have kids, then these months are an ideal time for a vacation. If you enjoy the rain, the following months are especially scenic.

If you want to witness a phenomenal Christmas, then Oxford Street in London is a magical place from late November to early January. This is the most festive time in London. Christmas fans will enjoy the beautiful snow and specialty holiday shops that appear during this time of year. 

If you are travelling to get some peace and quiet, it’s better to avoid the holiday season. If you do not like crowded places, then visit London in January, February, March, or April. These months tend to be less crowded so that you can enjoy the restaurants and hotels at peace. Keep in mind that the closer you get to December 21, the darker London will get.

Do You Need a Visa

It’s vital to do your research to sort out the visa question. If you are a visitor from Europe, Switzerland, Australia, the USA, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, the Caribbean, and South America, then a visa is not required. 

However, the laws are subject to change, so it’s best to check. If you are from another country, then you might need a visa to visit London. The permit would give you approximately six months to visit so that it would not be an issue if you were to get stuck.

Plan Your Travels

Before embarking on your London adventure, it’s vital to go online and decide where you want to stay. Afterward, it’s time to think about airports. London has six airports that are very connected to the city. However, it is worth considering which one you want to go to in advance. The first thing is to check which hotel you are staying at, so you can book the nearest airport. Heathrow is just west of London, Gatwick is south, and Stanton and Luton are in the east. 

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Select Your Activities

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There are so many things you can do in London. It’s essential to write down what you want to visit. To make destination-planning easier for you, RCS of London offers a variety of tours, including a lovely Luxury London Tour, a classic London Sightseeing Tour, and a Galleries and Museums Tour. We are also happy to make customized recommendations as you plan your itinerary when travelling with us.

If you want to party, London has a lot of nightlife and clubs where you can drink and dance the night away. There are also gorgeous views from Car Park and a friendly and breathtaking experience in the Tower of London. Whatever your heart desires, make sure you make a plan so you won’t miss a single thing.

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Make Reservations

London is a great place to watch performances and go to high-end restaurants, but in order to do so, you’ll need to plan ahead. Reservations fill up fast, so if you want a luxury travel experience, you need to secure your spot as soon as possible.

It’s best to make your bookings online after deciding where you want to visit. However, leave some space in your schedule for spontaneous trips and excursions.

Book The Right Accommodations

There are a couple of things to consider when choosing a neighborhood for your London adventure. If you are travelling for business, it’s best to stay in Mayfair, near Bank, or in Kensington, where you’ll be close to a corporate setting and away from too much noise. If you are a young adult and ready to experience freedom, then you may want to try a location that is closer to nightlife activities.

Accommodation to the suburbs is often more affordable, but it can be arduous to travel anywhere in the city. If there is a group of people that you are going with, then Airbnb can be an excellent choice. If there are a couple of places that you want to visit, shop, or sightsee, make sure that you choose an accommodation that is near the attractions that you desire. 

Another factor to consider is the airport. Since London has plenty of airports, it’s best to get the one that is closest to your accommodation.

Pack The Necessary Essentials

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If you’re going to London, make sure you are aware of the season. If it’s cold, you want to pack a lot of sweaters, scarves, and jackets. If it’s hot, then tank tops, shorts, or anything comfortable will do.

 Keep in mind that during the summer, the weather can still be between 10 to 15°. Some other essentials to consider are sturdy shoes if you will be walking a lot, and an umbrella because it rains like crazy in London.

Check Out Some Attractions

There are a lot of free attractions in London, which is helpful if you are on a budget. Most of the museums such as the British Museum, Natural History Museum, the Museum of London, and the Freud Museum.

If you love art, definitely try The National Gallery and the Tate Modern. There are great places to walk around, such as the South Bank, Covent Garden, and Greenwich. 

The best place to explore is the Portobello Road and Camden. The parks are free, and an excellent place for the kids to have fun. If you’re travelling with your children, then definitely consider a picnic in the summer at Hyde Park or St. James Park. 

There are so many other places to visit that are free, such as Westminster Abbey and Saint Paul’s Cathedral. The Tower of London is free during ceremonies. When this happened, you can see the castle shut down at night. Since the ticket for these events usually runs out very quickly, it’s best to purchase them ahead of time.

If you love debates and politics, the House of Parliament is something to check out.

Visit Other Parts of The Uk

text: St. Paul’s Cathedral behind blooming cherry blossoms in London.

There are so many excellent places to visit at an affordable price. 

You can visit the London Dungeon, where they tell scary stories of the capital, Jack the Ripper, and the Great Fire in 1666. These adventures are a great way to delve into the darker side of London history.

Westminster Abby is a resting place of 100 monarchs and other notable individuals. It is the home to the coronation chair with tickets at an affordable price. Saint Paul’s Cathedral gives you the freedom to take a grand tour of the interior building. The Buckingham Palace is where the queen lives, and you can visit during the summer season.


Planning a trip to London is exciting. Just imagine all the activities you can do, places to see, and fine dining all within a 35 kilometre radius.

Because there are so many great things in London, it can be overwhelming to plan the itinerary. That is why it’s best to jot down places and restaurants you genuinely want to visit and use RCS of London to help you.

Even after planning the itinerary, you may still be craving for more. Luckily, RCS of London has the best driver to take you to your dream destination. We can also provide recommendations to one of the most breathtaking places. With all our tips and tricks, we hope that you will enjoy your London adventure.

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