Everything You Need to Know about Corporate Transportation

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Being a travel manager isn’t an easy job. It requires a delicate balance between managing people and budgets. With personnel flying to every corner of the planet, it’s the travel manager’s job to book flights, arrange accommodation and take care of a long list of other miscellaneous tasks and costs. 

What’s more, with so many airfares and routes to choose from, it can be challenging, frustrating even, to find the best offers when planning travel itineraries for employees. That said, there’s a lot more to corporate transportation than simply making reservations for business trips, transport, and hotels. 

Among other duties, travel managers are responsible for optimizing transport and hotel expenses, developing and improving travel policies, defining performance indicators, setting meetings, planning events, educating employees on safety and prevention measures, and improving the overall experience employees get when traveling. This is all made easier when you utilize a professional chauffeur service, like RCS of London Limited. Meanwhile, we have all the info you need to know about corporate event transportation. 

Get the Time Right

World-class travel managers know who to get information from and the best way of getting the help required to make sure employee travel plans go off without a hitch. Timing is everything here, and this is especially true when it comes to airports. 

Instead of getting employees to arrive at the airport early only to waste their valuable time waiting in the lounge area, it would be more effective to determine and factor in the average screening time of the departure airport beforehand. 

Some of the other things experienced travel managers factor in as far as time is concerned is the accommodation location and the flight routes. Picking the right accommodation location allows employees to arrive for meetings on time. 

By optimizing flight connections, employees don’t spend as much time abroad, which automatically saves the business money. What’s more, booking flights months ahead might secure incredible business savings. 

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Always Consider Your Options 

The next great piece of advice for managing corporate transportation is always to have and consider the available options. Granted, flying is one of the fastest ways of traveling from one location to another, but sometimes this isn’t the case. 

For instance, if two locations are only a few hours apart, then the total travel time should be taken into consideration. That’s because employees will still have to drive to and from the airport to the final destination, not to mention the time wasted during screening and waiting in line. 

Travel managers should also consider the variables of planning an employee’s itinerary; that’s because the cheapest option might not always be the best. One of the responsibilities of travel managers is to source the right services and make a decision based on knowledge and experience. 

That means considering the cost, supplier reliability, recognizing conflicts between an employee’s personal life and flight times, etc. and providing options for these aspects. 

Get the Right Brand Representation

Managing corporate transportation isn’t about cutting costs but creating memorable experiences. Even with a wealth of expertise and experience, the best-laid plans don’t always go off without a hitch. One example of this is with ground transportation.

Travel managers are responsible for making travel arrangements for business trips, and one aspect commonly overlooked is the capacity of the vehicle. There’s nothing more embarrassing for a travel manager than to make ground transportation arrangements and fail to account for the seating capacity.

The other thing to consider when making travel plans is the means of transport. Instead of puzzling out which is the right mode of corporate transportation every time there’s a business trip, it would be better and more efficient to partner with a reliable and experienced partner to help with travel arrangements. 

Plan with Alternatives

Managing corporate transportation can be hellish sometimes, especially when a well-planned out business trip takes a turn for the worst. According to Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and this is particularly true when managing travel itineraries of employees. 

That said, a good travel manager has contingencies for contingencies to make sure everything goes an as planned with little to no interruptions, but sometimes that’s not the case. 

While it’s normal to make travel arrangements in advance, sometimes there are unforeseeable events that get in the way of travel plans. This can be anything from canceled meetings to postponed events to last-minute changes in venue etc. 

That’s why it’s important for travel managers to partner with providers that provide enough flexibility with hotel bookings and transportation services to accommodate last-minute changes. 

However, it wouldn’t hurt to keep other providers in the back pocket in case the primary provider doesn’t allow last-minute changes. 

 Get a Long-Term Contract

Instead of constantly asking for discounted rates and failing to commit to any specific corporate transportation service provider, it would more effective and efficient to stick with one company has proven itself to be reliable. For example, RCS of London Limited can consistently get you to your office or corporate event on time and in style. 

Building a long-term relationship and binding it with an agreement helps travel managers enjoy better rates, priority support as well as other hidden benefits.

 Additionally, having a dedicated corporate transportation provider is a lot more efficient than testing a variety of companies that yield mixed results that range from okay to worse. The last thing to do after finding a reliable provider is to negotiate the contract. 

Instead of waiting until crunch time, it’s advisable to iron out terms and conditions beforehand to avoid any last-minute surprises. Being a corporate transportation agreement, the contract should stipulate the terms of service, the benefits afforded as well as the return on investment. 

Find out how we can help you with your corporate event transportation needs today by contacting RCS of London Limited or booking us for an event online. 

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