What Does a Chauffeur do at Robinson Chauffeur Service London?


There is a lot that comes with chauffeur services and with being a chauffeur driver. Many may think of a driver and a chauffeur in the same way; however, there is a greater difference that stands between these two terms than mere vocabulary- it comes down to a matter of customer service, discretion and adaptability. A chauffeur driver will offer you exceptional services to add value to your journey or event, that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

Robinson Chauffeur Services Mission: The Best Chauffeur Company in London

Robinson Chauffeur Service provides London chauffeurs, and a range of specialized luxury chauffeur services for executives, families, groups, or anyone who is in need of a prompt, respectful, courteous and professional means of travel in London and other parts of the world.

Our professional services meet all the demands for business and pleasure in major global cities. Our exclusive chauffeur services include chauffeur airport transfers, chauffeur business travel, enhanced protection chauffeurs, chauffeur travel to social and sporting events, chauffeur wedding car hires, chauffeur security services, Heathrow VIP, chauffeur corporate roadshows and chauffeur diplomatic services.

Here at Robinson Chauffeur Services of London, our mission is to be the absolute best chauffeur company in London. At  Robinson Chauffeur Services, we make sure to provide our clients and customers with exclusive chauffeur services, using the most prestigious vehicles. Most importantly, at Robinson Chauffeur Services we make sure that our chauffeurs belong to the very top niche of London chauffeurs who will look after you.

Our Chauffeurs

Being a chauffeur comes with great responsibility. A chauffeur driver by law must acquire a chauffeur license specifically, after criminal record checks. It is important to know that the training that goes into becoming a chauffeur is extensive and critical and that our chauffeurs take great pride in their work. Some of the qualities that make a chauffeur different from an ordinary driver, have to do with the way that a chauffeur will handle an emergency situation, a chauffeur’s first aid certifications, a chauffeur’s ensured personal hygiene, and most importantly, trust and privacy matters. Below we have compiled a list which explains each quality that a chauffeur has in greater depth.

Chauffeur: Emergency

Research has shown that there is an unfortunate average number of 180,000 road accident induced casualties alone in the UK each year, with about 2,000 of these accidents being fatal. Often times, it may be difficult to avoid a potential accident. What makes chauffeur drivers especially special, are their fully accredited and exceptional driving skills.

At Robinson Chauffeur Services of London, we take your safety extremely seriously and do our ultimate best to ensuring protection from potential road accidents. Our chauffeur drivers at Robinson Chauffeur Services have fully accredited Advanced Driver Skills tested through the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA)and Enhanced Close Protection Driving (ECPD) skills from our Security Drivers (available on request). What this means, is that your chauffeur will instinctively know how to mitigate unexpected risks to your safety or security whilst maintaining control of our vehicles at speed when required.

Ordinarily, most of our journeys are completed without a single incident; however, whenever defensive or evasive driving skills are required, you can rest assured that you are safe with Robinson Chauffeur Services. Keeping you and all of our passengers safe is our top and utmost priority and our chauffeurs can ensure your protection. Apart from the means that we provide our chauffeurs with, it is important to remember, that your chauffeur is naturally inclined to have the best hygiene that can be offered. This is a perk that comes with hiring a chauffeur service to get you to your destination.

Chauffeur: Emergency First Aid Trained

In the unfortunate circumstance when a passenger is experiencing a health-related shock, such as a heart attack, a sudden cardiac arrest, your Security chauffeur at Robinson Chauffeur Services of London will be able to assist you effectively and immediately. Our Security chauffeurs here at RCS are trained first responders, and are specifically first aid, CPR and AED certified.

What this means, is that your Security chauffeur can help a passenger in life or death situations. Statistics show that at least one quarter (25%) of total deaths that occur in the UK are caused by heart and circulatory diseases. To put things into perspective, this averages to over 150,000 deaths per year and 420 people per day. The correct procedure at the right time can help to save someone’s life. First aid, CPR and AED experts will know what steps to take to ensure that the ultimate time is given to the victim while further help is called and waited for.

Chauffeur: Personal Hygiene is Critical to a Successful and Safe Drive

You will always find a chauffeur to be well groomed, properly dressed and exceptionally clean, with specifications instructed by the employer. Regular everyday professional drivers on the road may not have the time or the means that are necessary to take care of personal hygiene matters to the best of their potential. Personal hygiene while driving is sometimes overlooked; however, it is something that is extremely important.

At Robinson Chauffeur Services of London, we make sure to prompt and support our chauffeurs with gym memberships, which will enable them the opportunity to take care of personal hygiene matters throughout the day and ensure that passengers are in an utterly clean, hygienic and healthy environment throughout the complete 24 hours per day time frame. Poor hygiene can ultimately have negative effects on both a driver and on a passenger

Firstly, poor hygiene can cause a passenger discomfort, in addition to the potential spread of disease and the lowering of one’s immune system. Secondly, poor hygiene can cause distress to the driver; for example, if it is an especially hot day, a driver may not feel comfortable enough to drive to the best of his or her potential. A chauffeur may often times have limited resources when it comes to freshening up.

At Robinson Chauffeur Services of London, we want to ensure that chauffeur and passenger comfort, thus, we make sure that our chauffeurs are given the ultimate means to help resolve any of their hygiene related discomforts.

Chauffeur: Car Hygiene

Our chauffeurs will always work to provide a cleaned and polished vehicle.  Your arrival and departure from home, office or event is measured by our quality.  How we present our fleet reflects how we respect you. We respect our cars and we respect the traditional values of chauffeuring.

Chauffeur: Trained to Keep Your Privacy

Passenger privacy is extremely important for us here at Robinson Chauffeur Services of London. Our chauffeurs are professionals who know to suffice to passenger requests without argument or complaint. Our professionals make sure to respect passengers’ privacy, in terms of both asking questions about conversations that the passenger may be having, and in terms of confidentiality.

Our chauffeurs are extremely polite and give great value to passenger privacy; thus, chauffeurs will typically avoid joining in, engaging or commenting on passenger conversations without passenger permission. Most importantly, however, our chauffeurs are especially strict when it comes to passenger confidentiality.

During everyday chauffeur rides, there is a great deal of private and valuable information that is passed around by passengers and heard by chauffeur drivers. One of the key qualities that come with being a chauffeur driver is knowing how to handle and deal with any information that is heard with great professionalism. Any leaked information from a chauffeur driver can potentially cause danger to a passenger. Respecting a customer’s privacy is one of the most important qualities, which we hold greatly here at Robinson Chauffeur Services of London.

When dealing with VIP passengers, for example, chauffeur drivers may be asked to spill a VIP’s overheard personal details and information. Our chauffeurs here at RCS London are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This agreement will ensure additional privacy and holds the chauffeur driver legally responsible for the information that was overheard during a ride. Our chauffeurs hold great professionalism and ethical standards and these contracts can be made to further guarantee the respect that our chauffeurs will grant our customers in terms of private information concerning conduct, schedules, and routes.

There’s More to Being a Chauffeur Than Just Driving.

There’s more to being a chauffeur than just driving. It really is about exceptional customer service, and that is what ultimately distinguishes a chauffeur driver from a regular driver. A chauffeur will always be courteous, highly respectful and mannerly, at all times while on the job; both during driving and during non-driving situations. A chauffeur is not simply a driver who drives a car. He works for you and your repeat business. A chauffeur is someone who is exceptionally skilled at customer service, who will safely transport you to your desired destination in the most delightful way possible. You can rest assured and be guaranteed that your personal chauffeur will always be rested, sober and fully functional at all times while on the job, in addition to highly trained to drive in the safest and most optimum manner.

To be a chauffeur, one has to acquire the training, the skill, and the passion and most importantly, the natural aptitudes that a talented driver must have. Our chauffeurs here at Robinson Chauffeur Services of London will always go that extra mile for our you.

We genuinely care about our passengers and passenger satisfaction and want to make sure that our passengers are not only satisfied with our services, but also greatly pleased.

Why is Route Planning Important?

At Robinson Chauffeur Services, we are highly experienced in operating complex time managed itineraries, to ensure every demand and variation is met and catered for effortlessly. We offer a wide range of options for the busy individual, or for the business professional. Our exceptional services include transfers to airports and seaports, day and evening chauffeur hire, as well as our dedicated ‘as directed’ service for the essential business day, road shows or special days out. We have also just introduced our wedding car hire package, tailored to make your special day one to truly remember. Our luxury vehicles are available for full or part wedding day hire.

Route planning is extremely important. At Robinson Chauffeur Services, we want to ensure that you will get to your destination in the safest, best, and most route-worthy way possible. Before beginning any trip, our chauffeurs will have pre-planned and included navigation devices or consulting maps for desired routes. Our chauffeurs always check weather reports for your departures and destination locations, in addition to road traffic. We are here to help, and always make sure to advise our passengers concerning travel time adjustments and alternative route options, which will get you to your destination as quick as possible — if that is something that you desire.

Our chauffeurs will also have conducted research concerning the passenger’s destination and possible routes, to provide passengers with en-route and destination points of interest, restaurants, cafes, hotels, resting-areas, airports, tolls, and any details that apply to the route. If you wish, our chauffeurs are also able to make any reservations, obtain any event or entrance tickets to social and sporting events, and even book your airfare flights for you. We aim to make your journey as stress-free, relaxing, and enjoyable as possible

At Robinson Chauffeur Services of London, we strive to be the absolute best chauffeur company in London. With over 20 years’ experience, we offer you top-notch services through the most prestigious vehicles, and most importantly, with the best chauffeur drivers in the country.

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