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Some cities have a transport system that’s reliable and as advanced as the one you see in London. If you’ve never visited London, there is so much to do and see which is why transportation is so important. 

However if you’ve never been to London, be sure to take a look at the geography of the city just to understand how large it can be in comparison to other European cities.  For example, London covers an area of 600 square miles, while Paris is squeezed into 40 square miles.

First Get The Oyster Card 

If you are going to be in London for more than two days it is worth it to purchase the Oyster card. This allows you to use any facet of the underground railway system and the bus system all with this one card.  

You usually can get this card at the airport when you arrive, or at any tourist office in the city. The oyster card requires a deposit of 5£ and a small activation fee, then you can choose how much money to put on it to use for the underground, overground, or bus.

London’s Best Transportation: How to Decide What To Ride

Fortunately, when it comes to getting around, you have a variety of options at your disposal.With that in mind, here is the best transportation in London:

1). Underground

 the Underground sign at a station in London

The underground is also called ‘The Tube’ and was started in 1863, which makes it the world’s oldest metro network. Over a billion people used it to get around every single year. With 250 miles of track and just as many stations, you can access the underground from a variety of locations

In fact, you can probably find a stop every few minutes. If you are new to the city, just look for the train system’s logo, which is the red circle with ‘Underground’ written on it. The Tube is designed to cover six zones, which consist of expanding concentric circles. 

The cost of a trip on the Tube will depend on your destination within these zones. Tickets tend to get more expensive with each zone that you have to cross. Fares also vary depending on the time of day. 

There are ticketing machines all over the place for people who need to buy their tickets and cards. Therefore, it’s easy to pay for your journey.

Keep in mind that rush hour on weekdays can be problematic because there are so many people. Plus, newcomers might also struggle to navigate the Tube despite the significant number of signs along the way.

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2) Overground

A subway car filled with people and yellow poles

If you are not too fond of the Underground’s limitations, then there’s an alternative to consider. 

The Overground is essentially an extension of the Tube that came into existence in 2007 to reach all those places that the Underground could not.

If you understand the Underground system, then the Overground is not much of a challenge because it operates in the same way. Both have similar hours, fares, and payment systems. If you have an oyster card or some other form of payment, you can transition between the Overground and the Tube with little to no effort. 

By using both the underground and overground, you can travel to majority of the London location. It is two systems operating as one to provide comprehensive transportation coverage to the city of London.

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3) Taxi

a Man asks a taxi car for directions

London has the most iconic taxis in the world, especially the black cabs. They are quite expensive, particularly for people who need to make frequent trips with them. However, the prices are worth it with an experienced driver.

The black cabs can be traced back to the 1600s which means that they have quite a bit of history. The drivers have a detailed understanding of London’s streets and alleys, which makes them very appealing. You can trust them to know exactly where you’re going and how to get there in the shortest amount of time.

You can get a black cab by simply flagging one down. People use them because they are convenient, and you can pay cash or use a credit card. 

The distance and the time it takes to reach your destination will affect your fare. If black cabs and conventional taxis are too expensive, then London has ride-sharing companies like Uber that offer more affordable services.

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4) Bus

a red double decker bus in London

The London bus is another means of transportation that is as iconic as the black cab. Everyone can recognize these giant crimson vehicles at a glance. Like the underground, the Bus system in London is quite extensive, constituting 600 routes.

The buses in London run all day and all night, and they attract over a billion users annually. Because there are so many routes in the city, the bus can bring you within walking distance of most destinations. 

The most significant advantage of using the London bus is the low price. They are more flexible with their payment system and depending on the payment method you use; you can change buses without paying a lot of money. 

However, if you had to choose between the bus or rail services, the rail would win because you would have to deal with a significant amount of traffic by using the bus. 

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5) Rail

the london rail

London has a rail service that caters to travelers journeying between Central London and the suburbs. Some routes will take Londoners from the city to the rest of the country and vice versa. 

The Railway is a favorite amongst some visitors because it provides a direct connection between London and its major airports.

Most railway services don’t accept Oyster cards, and that might present a challenge for some people. However, railways are primarily to get you to and from the airport. Once you are in the city you won’t need to rely on railway fares.

6) Water

two boats float down the river Thames in London

This might come as a shock to visitors. You can use a boat to travel through London. This is made possible by the river that cuts through the city. The destination options are not quite as extensive as those offered by the bus, the underground system, or the black cabs.

A riverboat will get you from one end of the city to the other. Even though there are some limitations, the sacrifice is worth the experience. The River Boat allows you to travel through London and observe the beautiful scenery around it.

River Boats aren’t just for the tourist, but commuters use it regularly as well. Unfortunately, it isn’t the best place to be during rush hour, but it’s still the most exciting way to travel through London.

7) Bicycle

Alt Text: ride share bikes sit in a line on a street in London 

If you have the time, bicycles have recently gained popularity in the city. You can see them everywhere, which is why the city has provided bicycle lanes. They enable commuters to cycle to work and back safely. 

You don’t have to buy a bicycle to use one. They are available to rent at an affordable price. With that in mind, you can even rent one for the entire day. 

8) Chauffeur Services: Security Drivers

If you’re looking for ultimate comfort and safety, enlist a security driver to chauffeur you to and from your destination. Chauffeur Services are great for private business meetings, important events, and extra protection. Robinson Chauffeur services is one great example of reliable security drivers and tour guides that are ready for any occasion.  To learn more about chauffeur services visit Chauffeur Service London!


London has plenty of breathtaking attractions. It would be a shame to miss out on any of these sites. Fortunately, London has a variety of transportation to get you where you need to be.

 If you are interested in something luxurious, then Chauffeur Service London can provide you with a personal experience. They have expert drivers and quality vehicles to take you around London. This can help bypass rush hours and the crowded public transportation system. 

With all these transportation ideas, you will be able to enjoy everything that London has to offer.

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