Best Places to Stay in London

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Choosing a temporary abode is a highly personal choice that influences all other aspects of your stay. That’s why it’s essential to carefully consider your style preferences and what kinds of places in the city you’ll want to visit.


At RCS of London, we know it’s not just the restaurants, shows, and galleries that make your stay special. A luxurious stay begins with the easily overlooked aspects of daily life – where you stay, and how you travel. With our expert insight, you’ll be able to pick a hotel that will make your London stay delightful every hour of the day.


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The West End

This area is bustling and highly populated, replete with four-star hotels, excellent nightlife and nearby theatre performances. 


Adjacent to Leicester Square and Covent Garden, this hotel’s convenient location within the heart of London makes all kinds of shows, exhibits, and tasteful expeditions easily accessible.


Mayfair, one part of the West End, is amongst the most expensive and luxurious parts of London. This is the best place to stay for people who want to be close to city life while also being able to enjoy a bit of quiet. There are fewer events and shows here, but there are plenty of high-class shopping malls and tranquil areas to explore.


Oxford Street is at the edge of the West End London location. This is the busiest and loudest shopping street. If you’re looking for retail stores and high-end shopping, then this is the street for you. 


With RCS of London, Heathrow Airport from the West End is only around an hour away.



Only 15 minutes walking distance from Covent Garden, Bloomsbury hotels have an upscale, traditional elegance. Covent Garden boasts book shops, attractions, and the British Museum. This is an excellent place to explore with family or new business connections before convening for a meal at one of Central London’s Michelin star restaurants.

County Hall & Waterloo

This location has a small cluster of luxury four-star hotels tailored to diplomats, legislators, and corporate clientele. The UK government offices are located in this area, so there are a lot of business, trade, and government individuals that works here.


This is an excellent location for sightseeing, but not recommended for shopping or nightlife.


Victoria is home to the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy building, as well as the headquarters for Transport for London. It’s also home to The Apollo Theatre, The Queen’s Gallery, Victoria Park, and close to Westminster Abbey. Victoria is the place to stay for government workers and those who seek a historical, picturesque background for their visit.

Victoria is a transport hub with easy access to Gatwick Airport, especially with our efficient chauffeur services at RCS of London.


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Tower Bridge & London Bridge Regions

A-list sightseeing opportunities for those new to the city are the Tower of London and Saint Paul’s Cathedral. The world’s most important financial centres have offices in this region, and the majority of those who stay here are travelling on official business. There are fewer tourists in this region, but there’s an endless amount of places to explore.  

The whole area has been renovated in the last decades. It has been replaced with swanky bars, attractive restaurants, and modern environments. 


Kensington is one of the largest districts on the west side of London. With the highest salary per capita in London, this location is a high-value region with a robust economy and elite entertainment. It’s home to the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Royal College of Music, and for those seeking a more relaxed afternoon activity, outdoor shopping and markets.


With RCS of London, you can get to Central London within 20 minutes and travel the other way to Heathrow airport. 

King’s Cross, St. Pancras & Euston

This region contains eccentric but upscale destinations, like Coal Drops Yard, a hub for boutiques and restaurants; Word on the Water, a London bookbarge; Granary Square, an outdoor park of sorts with fountains that light up at night; and the Wellcome Collection, a museum with exhibits about intersections between science and art. 

There are plenty of activities here, but it’s a calm step away from the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden.



The Paddington District is located in the northwest corner of the hotel district of London. This area of London is home to many new offices and townhouses, plus cutting-edge laboratories, cute cafes, and Little Venice.


The south part of Paddington is where all the hotels are located. There are some upscale hotels and more affordable ones. The Lancaster Gate is an elegant location that overlooks Hyde Park. This is an excellent place for sightseeing, and it is a convenient place to get yourself to Heathrow airport.


The hotels in this area can be expensive during the weekend, but affordable during the week. The district contains Hyde Park, Kensington Palace, and Portobello Market. It’s the perfect place to stay for those hoping to enjoy beautiful outdoor scenery and a stroll in one of many parks.

What to Consider When Deciding Where to Stay in London

It’s exciting to visit London for the first time, but finding a place to stay is vital.


Here are some suggestions that can help you with your London adventure:


London is a cultural hub, so there are hotels, theaters, and shops everywhere. When you decide which hotel to stay in, you can think about what attractions you’ll want to be close to. However, remember that RCS of London will help you get to where you need on time and in style, so it’s more important to think about the environment in which you want to live. 


For instance, you can choose a hotel in Victoria because of its calm environment, and still be able to attend shows in Central London. Sometimes, being too close to high-traffic areas can be overwhelming and prevent you from having privacy.


London has ten railway terminal stations, five major airports, and three crews in the ferry port. The most central location of London does not have any direct transport links to the cruise port or airport. RCS of London can help you get from any hotel in the city to any major airport close to London.


Misleading information about Hotel Stars

The common misconception about hotel stars is that people think that the number of stars reflects the overall quality of the hotel. Unfortunately, every country has different rules when it comes to classifying the hotels. 


In the United Kingdom, the star ratings are based on the number of services that they provide. It does not reveal other aspects, such as how clean the hotel is or how excellent the services are. 

Room Rate

This really depends on if you are on a budget or not. Some district offers the most luxurious highly rated hotels that are extremely expensive, while others offer affordable and quality hotels, and then some offer cheap hotels. 


District that is focused on business tends to have hotels that are cheaper during the weekend than on working weeks. The leisure-dominated hotel district has the best hotel prices on the working week, but high prices during the weekends. The highest hotel cost in London occurs in the month of May-October.

Who Can Take Me to These Places?

If this is your first time going to London, then you deserve to ride in style. 


RCS of London has the best drivers, high-quality vehicles, and experts in the district within London. Our VIP chauffeur can give you insight on the best place to stay in London based on your personal preferences. 


We have comprehensive services that cater to business travellers, social and sporting events, weddings, VIP, corporate, airport transfer, and much more. We have over 20 years of experience operating with excellent time management itineraries to ensure that we cater to every demand and meet all the criteria. 


We offer a wide array of options for various individuals. We customise our services that are tailored to your personal needs. Our chauffeurs are knowledgeable about the London district, so we know all the must-see places that can give you a breathtaking experience.

Final Note

London has so many beautiful places to sightsee, shop, and eat. It has museums, libraries, restaurants, and art galleries. Various districts have their pros and cons. Some places have upscale hotels to stay at, but have barely any nearby attractions or far from the airport. While other places have affordable and lower price hotels that may not look stylish or elegant, but it has many nearby restaurants and sightseeing locations. 


It really depends on your preference and budget. You can even talk to our expert chauffeur, and they can give you their recommendations along with taking you there as well. Think of us as a tour guide that provides the style, luxury, and comfort to your vacation in London.


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