Best 5 star hotels in London

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London is a unique place that attracts visitors from all over the world. It has so many old and modernized buildings sharing the same streets. This type of architecture feels like you are walking through a city that is both old and new.

There are some famous attractions to consider like the Thames River, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and much more. If you are determined to enjoy everything that the city has to offer, then it’s essential to pick your accommodations carefully.

London offers a variety of 5-star hotels with breathtaking experiences. If you are looking for stunning accommodation, then here are the best 5-star hotels in London:

1). Rosewood

Rosewood Hotel in London at night

The Rosewood Hotel was found in Holborn and made its first appearance in the 1910s. It looks and feels old, which gives it a timeless ambiance. The people who made it were inspired by Edwardian and Renaissance Architecture.   

Because Holborn is a historic location, it’s the perfect place for the hotel. Anyone who chooses to stay at the Rosewood is impressed by what the area has to offer. For example, the British Museum and St. Paul’s Cathedral are just around the corner. These places reflect a sense of beauty and nostalgia that takes people back in time.

The entrance alone looks like a carriageway, a breathtaking experience that people can never forget. Many 5-star hotels are primarily concerned with providing all the modern amenities that money can buy. The Rosewood Hotel has all the luxurious amenities along with the ornate decor to attract visitors to its vicinity.

Living in Rosewood can stimulate all parts of your imagination. They have impressive customer services, and the rooms have internet, clean toilets, Nespresso machines, and other amenities that you will expect from a 5-star hotel.

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2). Shangri-La

The Shard against the skyline in London

Shangri-La is situated in the Shard, which is Western Europe’s highest building. With that in mind, it has Western Europe’s highest swimming pool and champagne bar, giving you an impressive view. The rooms are spacious and comfortable with an Asian motif decor, which explains the silk and Asian Art surrounding the area.

With each room, you get a minibar, Nespresso machines, fruit, milk, a TV in the bathroom, and a fantastic bathroom constructed with an inspired Asian decor. Each room has binoculars that provide the guests with a closer view of North London.

Every room is designed to make the available view of the city as expansive as possible. With Shangri-La, everything seems so much larger and more luxurious. After all, they want their guests to have the best experience ever.

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3). Four Seasons Hotel

The Four Seasons Hotel, London, England

Everyone knows this hotel because of all the big names it has hosted. It’s located at Park Lane with a variety of significant attractions that are within walking distance to one another. The most notable sites are Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park.

People who stay at the Four Seasons will find that it is much easier to immerse themselves in all the new features that London has to offer. 

You can do a lot of exploring without leaving too far from your bed. If you have a family, there is a care center that will keep your kids entertained with books and toys.

The hotel has a beautiful spa that pampers its guests. The rooms have every luxurious amenity that you can expect to see in a 5-star hotel. 

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You get a private terrace and a view of the Big Ben. If you are looking for an opportunity to socialize, the hotel serves afternoon tea, so you can relax and mingle with other guests. 

The staff are friendly and helpful; they are always ready to provide assistance and excellent customer service to the hotel guests.

4). Claridge’s

Claridge’s Hotel In London, England

People love this hotel because it feels like their home away from home. It’s found in Mayfair and has hosted many celebrities over the years. 

It’s a meaningful experience when regular guests would gush in joy when they see their favorite stars. However, the staff are the real stars of the show; they come from all over the world and treat all their guests like family.

Some fascinating attractions near the hotel are the art deco foyer and the Fumoir bar with its old-school glamour.

The Claridge claims that they have the oldest working lift in the city. The room decor is inspired by British works of art, and the beds are made of quality material that ensures the guests sleep comfortably at night. The separate lounge is spacious, and the bathroom has marble floors and tables. 

If you need immediate assistance from the waiter or maid, just push the buzzer, and someone will come to your rescue. 

If your objective is to meet famous people, you won’t be disappointed. The hotel has an ample amount of celebrities dining downstairs. There’s no doubt that the staff is the key to keeping everything running smoothly.

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5). Savoy Hotel

a couple stands inside the lobby of the Savoy Hotel in London, England

Savoy Hotel is a historic structure, built in the late 1800s and stands as a monument to a bygone era, an accomplishment that only a few hotels in London have. 

Savoy attracts a lot of business travelers because it is located in the center of the city. There are a variety of attractions like Piccadilly Circus and the National Gallery that are not too far from the hotel.

There are a significant number of theaters in the vicinity, so there’s plenty of performance to indulge in. 

The guests are more intrigued with the hotel than they are with its surrounding entertainment. This curiosity stems from the admiration of the Edwardian Style and the Art Deco motifs located on the side of the building.

Some of the rooms have something meaningful and unique in it. For instance, one room has a portrait of Shirley Bassey because she’s a frequent visitor. 

You will also find a dozen pink roses in another room, reminiscing a special request that Marlene Dietrich would often make. If you look closely, you will find that other rooms also have a meaningful story to tell, which breath life into the hotel.

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London is an inspiring place to visit. Attraction and entertainment are absolutely breathtaking. The best way to experience this is to book accommodations nearby. Fortunately, our recommendations listed above provide insights into the phenomenal experience to expect from London’s five star hotels.

 If you are still looking for more, Chauffeur Service London can take you through the city to absorb the culture and the attraction that London has to offer. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take a luxurious ride to get the best out of London.

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